Many of my first memories are of my father developing film in his homemade dark room. At the time the Cannon AE-1 was the “go to” camera. As early as 10 years old I would grab a pocket full of 24 exposure film rolls take pictures of landscapes and wildlife. As technology began to change the industry, digital memory cards and a multitude of interchangeable lens options became common place. That said, I learned there was still no substitute for composition and originality, no matter what type of camera configuration one uses.

I eventually integrated my love for photography with my enthusiasm for all things living in the ocean. I began shooting with a point and shoot Olympus camera in a zip lock bag that served as an underwater housing. I eventually graduated to my current Nikon camera in a Sea and Sea housing and a variety of lenses and ports to accommodate them. I specialize in underwater portraits of marine life with occasional wide angle shots. I am a member of several conservation groups that help clean and repair marine environments, and a PADI scuba diving instructor. I now utilize a Rebreather when shooting under water to eliminate bubbles so the marine life will be less aware of my presence and thus act more naturally. It is a privilege to be a visitor in these underwater environments, and with any luck, be able to capture noteworthy examples of life under water.